About Us

Omics Australasia is a Murdoch University brand managed and run by the University's Separation Sciences & Metabolomics group. Its aims are to:

  1. Raise awareness about omics and its great potential to improve people's lives,
  2. Bring leading omics researchers, industry and government together to identify and collaboratively work on common goals, and
  3. Leverage the latest technologies and knowledge to accelerate scientific outcomes for the benefit of the broader community.

The Murdoch University Separation Sciences and Metabolomics Laboratory (SSML) is Western Australia’s leading research and infrastructure resource for metabolomics research and translation. This position has been established over many years, building on the expertise and commitments of its research and professional staff, strong performance in competitive grants, research and commercial outcomes, as well as substantial capital investments in high performance mass spectrometry.

The SSML delivers a unique capability for the Murdoch, national and international research community. As a Core Facility, the SSML empowers researchers with the tools and expertise necessary for modern life science research. This forms one of two nodes of Metabolomics Australia in WA, a Bioplatforms Australia initiative aimed at enhancing access for Australian researchers to key Omics capabilities. The SSML is also a NATA ISO/IEC accredited laboratory for the provision of chemical testing services.

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Vision Statement

We will be foremost among our peers as leaders in the field of separation science and metabolomics through the use of innovative, enabling technologies. We envision a world where all researchers are empowered with the tools and knowledge that will deliver economic, environmental and health benefits that are vital to Australia and its neighbours.

Mission Statement

We aim to develop new knowledge and technological platforms through basic and translational research for the enhancement of separation science and metabolomics. We aim to maintain an outstanding level of research excellence and professionalism in our conduct with peers, collaborators and customers.

Quality Statement

We are committed to good professional practice, comprehensive staff training, implementation of documented methodologies and compliance with the ISO/IEC 17025 quality standard, underpinned by a culture of continuous improvement in all our daily activities.

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