Welcome to Omics Australasia

Welcome to Omics Australasia

Welcome to the website for the Omics Australasia Network and Symposium. Omics Australasia (OA) was established in 2012 by the Murdoch University Separation Science and Metabolomics Laboratory to promote and deliver a world-class conference in “Omics” research. The inaugural 2012 Omics Australasia Symposium was supported by the Western Australian Department of Commerce’s Innovation Promotion Program and held at the WA Maritime Museum from the 26th to the 28th November, 2012.

As the premier event for researchers, industry executives and key stakeholders involved in Omics research, OA aims to bring together a unique panel of Omics experts from around the globe to discuss research advances, innovations and challenges with a focus on emerging opportunities and technological development.

The Symposium is an excellent opportunity for Western Australian researchers to network and collaborate with some of the world’s leading luminaries and experts involved in ground-breaking Omics research. It showcases some of the nation’s successful Omics endeavours, as well as the technological progress that enabled these breakthroughs. It also allows the diverse but interconnected disciplines of Omics research to be brought together in a single forum where delegates can stimulate new collaborations and cross-fertilize unique skills.

Previous Keynote Speakers

Chris Smith

The Naked Scientist, Cambridge University

John Quackenbush

Harvard School of Public Health, Boston

Eske Willerslev

Centre for GeoGenetics, University of Copenhagen

Ed Dennis

University of California, San Diago

Marc Wilkins

Proteomics, University of New South Wales

Norman Swan

Australian Speaker's Bureau

What to Expect at Our Next Event

  • A fantastic line-up of world-class speakers on specialized Omics research
  • Presentations on the latest research findings
  • Showcase of new technological innovations
  • A rich social environment with great networking opportunities
  • A beautiful location with top-class facilities

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